Perfect for Fundraising

                    The Derby


                         Winners’ Circle Indoor Horse Racing

                                                      is Perfect For Fund Raising

Have you ever wished you could find entertainment for your fundraising event that would pay for itself, or better yet, actually generate a profit? The entertainment for a fundraiser is almost always a hard cost that simply must be dealt with because it’s nearly impossible to find class “A” entertainment that is willing to donate time to your cause. Let’s face it, the entertainers make their living entertaining and usually must charge you for their services, therefore the flow of money for the entertainment has traditionally always been in one direction…from your pocket to theirs. No more!!

The Derby Party featuring Winners’ Circle Indoor Horse Racing is the perfect way to raise money for your organization or charity, and there are a number of ways to do it. Many fund raisers consist of a dinner/dance with costly live entertainment and a fee per plate or door charge per couple (or both), and perhaps a silent or live auction with donated items to generate revenue. With The Derby Party featuring Winners’ Circle Indoor Horse Racing this can all still be done, but now there is so much more:

  •  There are five basic races, and a sponsorship for each race can be sold. The sponsors get their name on the race program as a sponsor, they get their name mentioned over the sound system at the event, and you, the sponsoring organization, can provide printed cards for display of the sponsor’s name on a tripod just prior to the race (for example: “Roswell Toyota’s Run for the Roses”). This is an excellent opportunity for your guests to support a just cause and get some advertizing as as part of the deal. A good tax accountant can make a sponsorship seem even more attractive!
  •  Sponsorships for each horse can be sold by your staff, with the sponsor being allowed to name the horse (“Sparky” owned by Joe’s Electric). His/her company name as owner and the horse’s name will be mentioned in the race program and over the sound system by the announcer during the call to post and frequently during the race. Your guests will know that each owner is a sponsor of your charity and is therefore a socially responsible individual or business who gives back to the community. Also, advertizements in the race program can be sold. Of course, these contributions can be tax deductable as charitable contributions or as advertizing. We will provide simple programs at no extra charge, but if you elect to sell advertizing in the program, we suggest you find a printer to contribute services to make a more elaborate program. For inspiration, look at a recent school yearbook.
  •  Prizes can be contributed by your existing sponsors or by any other individuals or businesses that want to participate. These can also be tax deductable.
  •  For fund raisers, five regular races with six horses per race means a total of 35 sponsorships for sale, thirty horse sponsorships and five race sponsorships. At only $100.00 per horse and $500.00 per race, the sponsorships alone are worth $5,500.00 even at these low prices, and remember, you decide how much to charge, depending on your evaluation of the dedication and resources of your supporters! This is usually less than the cost of the show (depending on the number of guests, date, location, add-ons likecasino games, etc.), even if travel is involved  and remember, the prizes can be donated by local merchants or supporters of your organization! Remember, from a legal point of view, you cannot ask people to pay to play the game and we suggest you not sell play money for betting although many people do, but if you add the above figures to the per plate contribution, silent auction, and advertising revenues in the race program, your profits will skyrocket!
  • For other great fundraising ideas, go to This is our website that concentrates on fundraising ideas.
  •  Just using the above low figures, the entertainment for the event will be completely paid for and a handsom profit above the cost of the entertainment can be realized well before the night of the event! Is your list of potential sponsors able to afford more? If they can, the cost of the show will not go up…but your profits will! Most other forms of entertainment just make money for themselves from your event or, if you are very lucky, they donate their services, not costing but not generating a profit either. With The Derby Party, featuringWinners’ Circle Indoor Horse Racing, the entertainment itself actually generates a handsome profit when combined with the salesmanship of your staff! What other form of entertainment can legitimately say that?
  •  If you sell a sponsorship to a local business or individual, they now have an incentive to attend the event, enhancing their loyalty to your cause and contributing to the overall success of the event.
  •  To keep ‘em  coming back year after year, consider giving the champions a trophy that must be defended again next year. Having a hat contest for the ladies is also a good idea. This can be very entertaining, especially if, after the women’s contest, there is a parade featuring the men wearing the ladies’ hats. This can be a real hoot!

For the perfect fund raising event, call us today to discuss how The Derby Party featuring Winners’ Circle Indoor Horse Racing  can enhance the profitability and out-and-out fun of your event